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Westpoint Jeep at 440 Moggill Road in Indooroopilly, QLD

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440 Moggill Road,
Indooroopilly, QLD
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Phone: +61 7 3878 0440


Types: Insurance agency

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    Most disrespectful and arrogant sales service I have been experienced. Went to test drive Jeep SRT for the second time, prepared to negotiate a deal on the spot. Was told the sales manager of Jeep was on holiday, and there came a lady from Hyandai want to talk about the deal and there began the shocking experience. Firstly, she gave me the appraisal of my MY16 MX5 GT 2.0l Auto, in perfect zero dent scratch what so ever condition, with 7000km. guess how much, $24,000. I said is that a joke? A typo? Or you guys just want to humiliate me? Then she said she saw a car with similar condition for sale for $29,990 online so $24,000 is fair. It is just loads of bullshit. I said good on ya find that one lowest possible price with god knows what condition for that price online and you still want to undercut $6000 right in front of me. Everywhere people are selling between $35,000 - $38,500 and even redbook said trade-in for $31,000-$35,000. at that point I have already felt offended, but I still keen on SRT so I said let's move on and talk about SRT demo car with 5000+km, yet again, she said $100,000 and that's it, and showed no willingness to discuss further. I said there are loads of SRT demo car with lower mileage on Carsales selling for cheaper than that, is that the best you can offer and are you the boss to have the final say? Yes as she answered and she even said to me I can prove to you it is the best price, with that arrogant tone that she wanted to prove me wrong. And I said are you sure you know this car and how much people are selling this car online? She said yes and went back to her office wanted to search online and prove that it was the lowest price. I knew it wasn't as I have done my research and there are loads selling cheaper. And ten minutes later she came out and said 'oh actually I can give you another $1,000 discount if you want?' At that point I have already decided to leave as I am not prepared to spend my $90,000 with this kind of service and unproffetional manner. basically she firstly treated me like a moron on trade-in price, then she showed me no patience on selling the new car wchich is a $90,000+ JEEP, clearly she didn't care about the sales of any JEEP as she is from Hyandai next door and this is not her customer to mess around. But if this is how you guys as a JEEP dealer treats the customer who is going to buy your most expensive car in your showroom, all I can say is god please help you guys. I am taking my $100,000 elsewhere who will at least show basic respect and patience. JEEP is tumbling down with it's product reputation these days already, with plunging sales, and now with this kind of service? I am really running out of my reason to spend $90,000+ On JEEP now. Sorry guys, I will try my best to steer all my friends away from Indooroopilly JEEP for sure.
    Zelivia Den
    July 18, 2017
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